Composite 5-Blade Swept Propeller – King Air 350/300

More power at your command with less noise. Unlimited blade life.

Once again, the collaboration between Raisbeck Engineering and Hartzell Propeller—the world’s leading propeller manufacturer—has resulted in one of the most efficient, quiet and exciting offerings for King Air 350/300 owners: the Composite 5-Blade Swept Propeller.

The new Raisbeck/Hartzell propeller blades are composed of a metal blade shank retention section onto which is molded a low-density foam core that supports built-up layers of composite laminate. Nickel cobalt leading edges project against foreign object damage (FOD). Overall diameter of the propeller is 106 inches.

Beyond the inherent weight savings over other materials, composite blades provide unlimited blade life with the ability to maintain its optimum airfoil shape over time. All but the most catastrophic damage to composite blades can be repaired and returned to service without affecting the airfoil shape. Moreover, the tailored airfoils extend fully into the spinner, which increases both prop efficiency and airflow into the engine.

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