Hartzell Propeller Inc. is a world class engineering and manufacturing company offering the broadest range of propeller systems in the aviation industry. They design, develop, test, manufacture, and support constant-speed aluminum and composite propeller systems for all categories of aircraft in our power class.

For over 30 years, Raisbeck Engineering has been designing, developing and marketing performance systems for Beechcraft King Air aircraft. These systems enable all Raisbeck-equipped aircraft to outperform the basic King Air in such areas as takeoff distance, climb, speed and range.

McCauley has been designing and manufacturing high quality propellers for over 70 years. For more than six decades, McCauley has set the standard for propeller design. Their engineering and performance accomplishments are unequalled in the industry.

Who We Are

International Propeller Service Lincoln is the only Propeller Logistics Company in the world. We are located in beautiful Lincoln, NE. Our staff has all worked in the propeller industry with 20-30 years’ experience each. We all started at the bottom and worked our way through the shop, then eventually in to the sales and support areas. International Propeller Lincoln is the go-to company for honest and reliable overhauls & repairs. We know how expensive maintaining your aircraft can be, that is why we maintain an exchange pool of propellers to eliminate any downtime.

What We Do

International Propeller Service Lincoln offers new and overhauled propellers & parts. We also partnered with multiple shops and manage propeller overhauls for many of our customers. We also manage large contracts such as the Israel Air Force propeller contract. By allowing International Propeller Service Lincoln to manage your overhauls, we know the ins and outs of the overhaul process and can make sure that you are getting the best value for your money. If any additional parts need to be changed during the overhaul, we will always search to find overhauled/serviceable parts instead of using new every time, again reducing your cost for maintenance.

International Propeller Service Lincoln offers sales, services, overhauled exchanges and piece parts for all Raisbeck, Hartzell, McCauley, MT, Dowty Rotol, and Hamilton Standard propellers.

Specializing in Local and International Sales and Services and leading provider for the following:

    • Overhauls of customer units
    • Freshly Overhauled Exchange props for limited down time purposes
    • Largest inventory of New, Used (continued time) and freshly overhauled units
    • Leading Raisbeck Dealer
    • Dealer upgrades for all makes and models

International Propeller is truly an International Company

We Have Shipped To Over 50 Countries & Counting!