Raisbeck King Air

For over 30 years, Raisbeck Engineering has been designing, developing and marketing performance systems for Beechcraft King Air aircraft. These systems enable all Raisbeck-equipped aircraft to outperform the basic King Air in such areas as takeoff distance, climb, speed and range.
Each Raisbeck System is individually engineered to enhance specific operational areas of the King Air. For many years Raisbeck has packaged these systems to take advantage of the positive synergistic effects they collectively produce on the overall performance of certain King Air models. In 2005, Raisbeck decided to name this strategic integration “EPIC” for the “grand” performance it delivers.

Each EPIC is specially priced to save you thousands of dollars.

For information or to place an order, please call Bob at (402) 858-6346 or email bob@ipsl.aero.

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