Manufacturer: Cessna

Aircraft Model(s): A185F, A185E
Applicable Engines: IO-520-D

Base Kit Includes:
1 3-Bladed Propeller PHC-C3YF-1RF/F8468A-6R
1 STC Paperwork SA1443NM
1 Polished Spinner C-3575-P

Applicable Models:
A185E, A185F* Note: No engine mount change is required per the STC paperwork. Changing to the heavier mounts, however, may be needed if vibration is experienced.**Note: STC paperwork only covers floats that were originally type certified on the aircra

80 inch diameter 3-bladed, aluminum hub propeller
2400 hour / 6 year TBO
78 pounds (propeller and spinner)
Diameter reduction allowable to 79 inches

McCauley C58 – 86 inch diameter 2-bladed prop
Diameter reduction allowable to 84.5 inches
Oil fill requirement per AD 91-15-04
1200-1500 hour / 5 year TBO

McCauley C403 – 80 inch diameter 3-bladed prop
Diameter reduction allowable to 78.5 inches
2000 hour / 6 year TBO

vs. McCauley C58 2-bladed model
Better take off and climb performance
Longer TBO
Dramatically lower noise
Less blade tip erosion
Current design, Mc threaded design obsolete

vs. McCauley C403 3-bladed model
Better take-off and climb performance
Longer TBO

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