Manufacturer: Cessna

Aircraft Model(s): R172K Hawk XP (Landplanes)
Applicable Engines: IO-360-K,-KB, -KC, -KBC (Isham STC)

Base Kit Includes:
1 Polished Spinner A-2295-1P
1 3-Bladed Propeller (P)HC-C3YF-1RF/F7392
1 STC Document Set SA2078CH

Applicable Models:
R172K Hawk XP (Landplanes S/N R1722000 and on, 1977 through 1981 models)

75 inch diameter 3-bladed aluminum hub propeller
2400 hour / 6 year TBO
74.4 pounds (propeller and spinner)
Diameter reduction allowable to 72 inches

McCauley 2A34C203/90DCA-14, 76″ diameter 2-bladed prop on landplanes. Does not replace 2A34C203/90DCA-10 80″ propeller on floatplanes.
2000 hour / 6 year TBO
51.9 pounds (propeller and spinner)

Takeoff acceleration to 55 KIAS is improved
Full-power, best-rate climb performance below 10,000 is improved.
Cruise speeds at 60-80% power settings increase 1-3 Knots
This STC is compatible with the Isham STC’s (SA1437CE & SE1436CE) that increase the engine rating up to 210 Hp
Longer TBO than McCauley 2-blade
Improved appearance, Scimitar-style blade planform
Diameter reduction allowable in event of tip damage

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