Manufacturer: Commander

Aircraft Model(s): 112TCA, 112B, 112A, 112, 112TC
Applicable Engines: IO-360-C1D6, TO-360-C1A6D (Lycoming)

Base Kit Includes:
1 Polished Spinner C-3535-1P
1 STC Paperwork SA00499SE
1 3-Bladed Propeller HC-E3YR-1RF/F7392

Applicable Models:
112, 112A, 112B, 112TC, 112TCA

* Note: The 112A designation does not appear on the STC documents. The FAA designates both the “112” and “112A” models as the “112” model aircraft within two serial number ranges. The “112A” designation was a marketing designation created by Rockwell which is not recognized by the FAA.

** Note: For aircraft which are equipped with an RCM Normalizing, Inc. “Hot Shot” turbo/intercooler system, you do not have the right to sell the STC kit. This kits is installed under STC SA5202NM, which is owned by RCM Normalizing, Inc. The only legal way to install the propeller on aircraft equipped with the turbo system is through RCM, and the customer must be referred to RCM. Contact information is:

RCM Normalizing, Inc. (Mr. Robin Miley)
100 Airport Road
Big Piney, WY 83113
Phone & Fax: (307) 276-3386

75 inch diameter 3-bladed aluminum hub propeller
2400 hour / 6 year TBO
80.5 pounds (propeller and spinner)
Diameter reduction allowable to 73 inches
Placard: “Avoid continuous operation below 15″ manifold pressure between 2050 and 2450 RPM.”

Hartzell HC-E2YR-1BF/F7666A – 76 inch dia. 2-bladed prop
Diameter reduction allowable to 74 inches
2000 hour / 5 year TBO
Hartzell HC-E2YR-1BF/F8467-7R – 77 inch dia. 2-bladed prop
Diameter reduction allowable to 76.5 inches
2000 hour / 5 year TBO

Better take-off and climb performance
Lower noise
Increased ground clearance
Less restrictive placard
Improved appearance
Compatible with RCM turbo-normalizing kit (STC SA5202NM)

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