Manufacturer: Piper

Aircraft Model(s): PA23-250 Aztec
Applicable Engines: IO-540-C4B5 or TIO-540-C1A

Base Kit Includes:
1 STC Document Set SA02874CH-D
2 2-blade Propellers HC-E2YR-2BTF/FC7693F+1
2 Composite Painted Spinner Assembly (Matterhorn White) 103409

Applicable Models:
PA23-250 C,D,E & F (w/ serial number 27-2505 and later)

77″ dia. 2-blade light weight aluminum hub propeller with
counter-weighted aluminum scimitar blades and composite
spinner assembly
2400 hour / 6 year TBO
62.0 pounds
Diameter reduction allowable to 75.5″

77″ dia. Hartzell 2-blade non counter-weighted aluminum props
2000 hour / 5 year TBO
58.0 pounds
Diameter reduction allowable to 76″

Improved cruise speed (2-3 knots)
High reliability counter-weight to feather / oil pressure to low pitch change system
Swept-tip scimitar blades for reduced noise
“Blended Airfoil” technology for maximum all around performance
Improved appearance
Longer TBO than original 2-blade

Composite “Matterhorn White” poly-urethane painted spinner domes
No governor or control changes required
Minimal de-ice installation time

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