Manufacturer: Piper

Aircraft Model(s): PA-44-180 Seminole
Applicable Engines: O-360-E1A6D & O-360-A1H6

Base Kit Includes:
1 2-blade Propeller Assembly HC-C2YR-2CEUFP/FC7697
1 2-blade Propeller Assembly HC-C2YR-2CLEUFP/FJC7497
2 Aluminum Spinner Assemblies D-6974-1P

Applicable Models:

74-inch diameter 2-bladed aluminum hub propeller with
Aluminum, blended airfoil “Scimitar” blades.
2400 hour / 6 year TBO
68.0 lb., Spinner 3.5 lb.
Diameter reduction allowable to 72.5”

74-inch Hartzell aluminum 2 blade props
2000 hour / 5 year TBO
65.0 lb., Spinner 3.8 lb.
Diameter reduction allowable to 72”

Improved cruise speed (2 – 5 knots)
Improved climb performance – plus 80 fpm @ 2500 MSL
Improved margins – S.E. climb – plus 50 fpm
Balked landing climb – plus 60 fpm
Swept-tip Scimitar blades for reduced noise – .9 dB(a) reduction
“Blended Airfoil” technology for maximum all around performance
Improved appearance
Longer TBO than original 2-blade

Due to improved power off glide performance and lower decent rate, the FAA Approved Flight Manual Supplement for this STC includes a statement that the published landing distances over a 50 ft obstacle be increased by 10%.

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