Manufacturer: Cessna

Kit Name: Cessna 310
Kit Number: PL60344 (No De-Ice), PL60345 (Electric De-Ice)
STC Number: SA01847CH
Aircraft TCDS Number: 3A10

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E310J, 310J, 310K, 310L, 310N Continental IO-470-U, V, VO 2625 RPM, 260 HP
2 Propeller Assemblies 3AF32C512/82NEA-5.5
2 Polished Aluminum Spinner Assemblies D5310
1 Installation Drawing D60343
1 Installation Instruction TR958
1 Flight Manual Supplement TR959
1 Maintenance Manual Supplement TR957
PL60345 Also contains:
2 Electric De-Ice Kits D40734
Propeller Part Number 2 each P5125358-07 (for PL60344), 2 each P5125358-0718 (for PL60345) 3
Number of Blades 3
Blade Design Round
Installed Propeller & Spinner Weight 81.7 lbs. each (approx.)
Maximum Diameter 76.5 inches
Minimum Diameter 74 inches
TBO 2000 hours or 72 calendar months (whichever occurs first)
Shipping Weight 150 lbs. each/ 300 lbs. set (approx.)
Carton Dimensions 79″ x 69″ x 47″ each (approx.)
Spinner Carton Dimensions/Weight 47″ x 28″ x 18″/ 30 lbs. (approx.)

Other Information: When replacing a two-blade propeller: 1) the green arc of the existing propeller de-ice ammeter must be re-marked, and 2) the de-ice circuit breaker switch must be replaced with a 20 amp circuit breaker switch- Cessna P/N PSM20N at additional cost (NOT included in the kit).

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