Manufacturer: Beechcraft

Kit Name: Beechcraft King Air 200 (5-Blade)
Kit Number: PL60294 (Dual Element to Single Conversion), PL60324 (Single Element to Single Conversion)
STC Number: SA01157CH
Aircraft TCDS Number: A24CE

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200, 200C, 200CT, 200T, A200C (UC-12B), A200CT (RC-12D), (C-12D), (FWC-12D), B200, B200C (C-12F), B200CT, B200T PT6A-41, PT6A-42 2000 RPM, 850 SHP
2 Propeller Assembly (5HFR34C1008/96LTA-0) P10087604-0156
2 Polished Spinner Assembly E7590-1
1 Installation Drawing D60295
1 Installation/Rigging Instructions TR 934
1 Flight Manual Supplement TR 935
2 Brush Block Assembly C40685
2 Brush Block Mounting Bracket Assembly C40708
1 Ammeter A60270
2 Circuit Breaker (35A) A60268
1 Circuit Breaker Switch (35A) A60269
4 Circuit Breaker (15A) A60271
PL60294 also contains:
1 Deice Timer/Mounting Plate Assembly C45127-2
Number of Blades 5
Blade Design Semi Elliptical
Installed Propeller & Spinner Weight 184 lbs. each (approx.)
Maximum Diameter 96 inches
Minimum Diameter 95 inches
TBO 5000 hours or 72 calendar months (whichever occurs first)
Shipping Weight 584 lbs. each / 1165 lbs. set (approx.)
Carton Dimensions 107″ x 99″ x 38″ each (approx.)
Spinner Carton Dimensions/Weight 38″ x 31″ x 32″/ 45 lbs. each (approx.)

Other Information: After Starting: Avoid continuous operation of propellers below 1050 propeller RPM. Operation in feather at 600 RPM or less is approved. On PT6A-41 powered aircraft only, two Beech P/N 50-389121-25 autofeather switches are required and are not supplied with either STC kit.

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